Katy Harrison Yoga


Katy is a Yoga Teacher based in Galway, Ireland offering classes for people all over the world. Her mission is to bring yoga to people from all walks of life. Katy studied with the Celtic School of Yoga practicing with the Irish Wheel of Yoga. She studied how Celtic mythology, poetry, and music are all incorporated with the movement of the body and the focus of the mind.

Katy has practiced all over Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Indonesia practicing with people from all walks of life. Through these experiences Katy became passionate to build a friendly community that focuses on the aim of health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Katy is extremely passionate about bringing Yoga to everyone in a genuine authentic way so that they can find their true selves through the practice of Yoga. Her light sense of humour brings an energetic and vibrant touch to her teaching. She believes that it can help a lot of people once it is a practice that is all inclusive, even for those who have never stepped on the mat before.

Through yoga Katy wants you to find the YOU in your yoga in a nurturing and gentle way while building a healthy and happy lifestyle.

finding my way in Yoga